Born and raised in Aberdeen Washington, Druzy actively started playing in bands in 7th grade after meeting Dan Scott. He started out as a guitar player but after an industrial accident he was left not able to play guitar as well so he started singing, who knew he was a better singer than he was a guitar player. He grew up jamming with his neighbor and close friend Dan Scott and feels honored to share the stage with him still to this day. Judas Priest music was a big part of his youth and that influence of Judas Priest can be heard in his melodic operatic wailing voice and his love for HEAVY METAL


Dan Scott has played the bass since the age of 13. He always "BRINGS the THUNDER" with big-ass amps and cool basses! He has played in many types of bands through the years, including jazz, pop, metal, grunge and classic rock. He takes pride in being a pro and surrounding himself with top notch musicians.



 Ken Scott has been a professional musician since graduating from Musician’s Institute in 1986. He is an avid guitar collector and luthier. He has contributed to the band’s Chunky Metal sound. He grew up in the Bay Area when Judas Priest was in their prime, and views Glenn Tipton as a major influence in his own development as a guitarist.


Watching Grant Anderson shred on his red Explorer, it's hard to imagine he had to start from scratch a few years ago. After a 15 year hiatus, due to a painful work injury, he picked up a guitar again. You could say he's made up for lost time. He is currently a guitarist for SEATTLE STEEL as well as three other bands. In response to why he does it at all, Grant says,"the social comradery of the cover and tribute scene is different from any other scene I've been a part of. It's warm and everyone supports everyone else. I enjoy playing the songs I love,,,that I grew up with. The music and the people that I love.... It doesn't get any better than that".


Bobby has quite a resume, he played with Jerry Cantrel in Diamond Lie and toured the U.S. with the band HammerHead. He also toured Europe with Rebel Storm and played Knottfest in California on a bill that included Korn and the one and only Judas Priest!! He Bangs Hard!!